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Going Viral

A series on the environmental movement’s quandaries with framing and staying on-message

By Eleanor Burke

image from gregcraven.orgIndependence, Oregon is a one-traffic-light town about an hour and a half south of Portland. It seems an unlikely place to launch a viral video campaign about how not to argue the truth or falsehood of climate change, but then again, it’s Oregon. People here can hold both blue and red beliefs at the same time. I made the trip from Portland to meet the third “different kind of environmental communicator” in this series. Greg Craven, a science teacher at the local high school, is a man on a mission. It all started five years ago with what he calls an “Oh, shit! moment.”

(Image from

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Eagle Scout vs. Blacklegged Ticks

Eagle Scout candidate and Lincoln-Sudbury High School senior Matt S. is on a mission against Lyme disease in his hometown of Lincoln, Massachusetts. This spring he will launch an educational blitz in town, and with the help of his troop he will disperse some 600 “tick tubes” in the brushy areas near the town’s playing fields and at Drumlin Farm Audubon Center.

Matt is poised to launch his project. “Every member of my family has had Lyme disease,” he said, “so I can’t wait to do this!”  Continue reading →