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Climate Change–Why Such a Media Hot Potato?

By Eleanor Burke

Whether you are a red voter or a blue one, if you sit inside a closed car in the sunshine on either a cold winter’s day or a 95˚ summer’s day, you know the greenhouse effect is real. No matter that the car’s windows are made of glass, while the Earth’s atmosphere is made of gases, the heat-trapping effect of either is a scientifically proven fact. Since the 1850’s, scientists have demonstrated that certain substances, such as glass, CO2, and methane, trap heat and cause temperatures to rise inside their domain. The science on this phenomenon is, as they say, “settled.”

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That’s EnterTrainment

A series on the environmental movement’s quandaries with framing and staying on-message

By Eleanor Burke

How hard can it be to get 1600 teenagers to toss their bottles in a recycling bin if you place one smack-dab beside every trash bin in the cafeteria? No extra steps, no thinking required—easy, right? Not so much. As the Green Campus coordinator at Lincoln-Sudbury High School in Metrowest Boston, I can attest that it has been a ten-year project to make this happen reliably—and it’s still a work in progress. Continue reading →