About Eleanor Burke

Eleanor Burke is a retired high school administrator and Spanish teacher, engaged in an encore career in environmental writing and education. Green Campus Coordinator at the high school for 18 years, she completed a master’s degree at Harvard Extension’s Sustainability and Environmental Management program in 2013.

On this site you can get a taste of Eleanor’s writing and journalism styles, as well as a hefty meal of research writing completed for the program in Sustainability and Environmental Management.

On weekends and summer days, Eleanor may be found hiking around hills and lakes in New England, the Pacific Northwest, or the Scottish Highlands, or kayaking around a lake with a cockpit full of blueberries. She might be teaching outdoor-mosaic workshops to fellow gardeners, giving swimming lessons, or volunteering on conservation projects in the wild. Recently relocated to Portland, Oregon, she is studying the question, “Who am I now?” Maybe part of the answer is encrypted between the lines of these pages. Let her know if you can decipher it!

5 responses

  1. Kid #1 is correct. Cool mom indeed.

  2. Eleanor clearly has it all going on!

  3. Eleanor: if this gets to you, kindly send an email to graylc@jmu.edu 2 Aug 2017

  4. You seem like you’d be a pretty cool mom, too. Just a hunch.

  5. I love this site! Informative, entertaining, well-written. Congratulations!

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